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(1) Most of our albums are now available at CD Baby. You can order online, or call 1-800-BUY-MY-CD.
(2) Direct from Cordelia's Dad: send an email to Peter Irvine at band@cordeliasdad.com (We have vinyl!)

what it is (2002)

Kimchee. CD

The latest -- a rock album. Our brightest work yet, but still has some late night listening. Mostly recorded in two quick bursts, one with Steve Albini in Chicago, and one with Mark Alan Miller in Western Massachusetts.


Available from:

(1) Kimchee Records

(2) CD Baby

(3) Cordelia's Dad

Spine (1998)

Appleseed Recordings. CD

All acoustic. Recorded by Steve Albini, with no overdubs or processing (OK, he used a little equalization on one track ...). London's Sunday Observer calls it "bone-gleamingly pure", and CMJ New Music Monthly says "dazzling exuberance". "Folk music for the Sonic Youth crowd."Liner Notes (PDF)

road kill (1996)

Scenescof CD

Limited edition collection of the highest quality live recordings we could find. This is loud distortion rock music. Documents the band's "plugged-in" era, before we started a new band for that side of our music.
Comet (1995)

Omnium/NORMAL. CD, Cassette

an acoustic album, up to the last track. Modal American music. Recommended if you like Spine, and vice versa. Highly acclaimed in the press, including many 4 star reviews. European version ($2 extra) has two extra electric tracks. Read more!

Joy Fun Garden (1993)


Mostly acoustic, limited edition European mail-order. Now out of print, but we can now make limited copies on our home CD-burner, so if you want one, write to us. Contains some songs we no longer play, an alternate version of Dying Californian, and Tim singing As I Travel (Wandering Boy)

how can I sleep? (1992)

OKra/Omnium/NORMAL CD, Cassette

Evenlysplit between acoustic and electric rock songs. Produced by Dave Schramm. Well-crafted pop songs. Read more!

Cordelia's Dad (1990)

OKra/Omnium/NORMAL CD, Cassette, 12" vinyl ($15 incl. shipping)

"folk/noise" The debut. Recorded in a three day frenzy with Tim O'Heir (Sebadoh, Throwing Muses), it captures a certain mood and all the ragged edges. Noisy, messy punk rock.

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For CDs send: $15, except "what it is" is only $12.

7" vinyl is $5, and cassettes are $10. All prices include shipping.

Make checks payable to Peter Irvine. US funds only. All shipping is by US Mail, but if you need something in a hurry, we can ship UPS or FedEx for an additional charge.

For credit card orders, go to CD Baby

You can also try, Rockin' World. Call/fax 413-253-2773, or send email to Rockin' World and they'll help you out.

We can also accept International Money Orders made out to Peter Irvine.
Note: Custom made CD-Rs play normally in all CD players. The only difference is we make them at home, rather than having a factory do it.

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Dark Beloved Cloud Singles Club EP(2003)

Jane, Promise, Closing Year. Jane, an acoustic outtake from Spine, is a traditional song from upstate New York. Promise is an original by Tim that we have rarely performed. Tim says, I wrote the music for Promise in India in 1988, but made new words after hearing on the radio, back to back, Marilyn Manson and Melissa Etheridge's Little Secret. The latter seemed like a much more credible threat.Closing Year is a rock song outtake from the Chicago sessions for What It Is. Tim made up the music to fit some old words from two mid-19th century sources, one a secular song for kids and the last two verses from a hymn by Doddridge. Tim says, I was interested in the ideas of time and decay in both texts, especially the less than cheerful one from the children's book. Clearly not a modern text.

This single is available by joining the Dark Beloved Cloud Singles Club (www.darkbelovedcloud.com), or by sending us $5, or for free by ordering two or more CDs from us (while supplies last).

In My Living Room (1999)

Hammer; A bunch of bands from Massachusetts record atmospheric songs in engineer Andy Hong's living room. Our track is listed under the band name io, which is the name we were using for our plugged-in rock trio. This track features Cath singing and feeding back on bass guitar, Tim playing electric guitar with an extra bridge on the neck, and Peter bowing on cymbals. On Kimchee Records, and available from us for only $10.

New Plowed Ground (1998)

This is a Dwight Diller album on which we make several guest appearances. Tim, Cath, and Peter, along with Laura Risk, Kelly House and Jeff Colby, sing on Bright Morning Stars, Lisbon, and Jesus is a Rock. Peter plays bones on two tracks, and Laura plays fiddle on Sandy Boys. We have a few copies of this, or you can order it directly from Dwight.

Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger (1998)

How Can I Keep From Singing; A Grammy-nominated tribute album to Pete Seeger. A slew of artists including Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, Billy Bragg, Eliza Carthy, Ani DiFranco, and many more covering his songs. FolkRoots Review. Our track is unique to this compilation - it won't be showing up on any other albums.

Something Out There / Leave Your Light On (1998)

7" vinyl single, also available on CD-R (either format $5). Ferric Mordant Records. Released under the "io" band name. Two original rock songs written by Tim with the band. We've occasionally played the B-side at acoustic shows.

Rudolstadt Tanz & FolkFest '96 (1996)

The Old Spencer Rifle; compilation of live tracks recorded at this excellent festival in eastern Germany. Fabulous selection of music. Write to Stadt Rudolstadt, Dezernat Kultur, Markt 7, D-07407 Rudolstadt. Then go to the festival.

The Folk Next Door (1996)

Katy Cruel and A Sailor's Life (Fisher); compilation of live tracks recorded to benefit WWUH-Hartford

Return to Sender (1996)

Rambling Beauty; compilation of the Return to Sender series, of which Joy Fun Garden was the third installment.

WNKU (1996)

Katy Cruel; benefit compilation of artists who have played on this Cincinnati-area station. Being given away in exchange for pledges. Live version of this song recorded in May 1995.

evolving tradition 2 (1996)

May Blooming Field; compilation of songs relating to traditional music of English-speaking countries. From the album Comet.

Pipeline (1996)

Brother Judson; Compilation of Boston-area bands recorded live onWMBR radio.

Froots #5 (1995)

George Collins, FolkRootsMagazine compilation. From the album Comet.

Global Gumbo (1995)

Narragansett Bay (1995) Rhino Records, roots-oriented compilation put together by Chuck Taggart, longtime host of radio show with the same name, previously aired on KCRW, now on the Internet. Our track is from the album how can I sleep?

Three Snake Leaves/Hush (1995)

Scenescof 1002, 7" vinyl, distributed by Forced Exposure; two original electric songs. We still have a few copies of this available, for $5.

Standing Stones (1992)

One song on a German magazine 7" with Uncle Tupelo, Swell and Fellow Travellers

4SONGS (1992)

OKra, 7" vinyl; acoustic

Sample Some OKra (1990)

Her Bright Smile/San Francisco OKra/NORMAL, compilation from the legendary OKra label. Other bands include The Schramms, Fellow Travelers (Jeb Loy Nichols), Ass Ponys.

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