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Summer 2010 Tuesday, August 3, Cordelia's Dad rock reunion at Sidmouth Festival in England. Tim Eriksen, Peter Irvine, Cath Oss and guests plug in for a retrospective electric set. Tim is also doing some solo sets earlier in the festival (see Tim Eriksen).

For twenty years, Cordelia's Dad has been an ongoing series of musical experiments. Beginning with an unabashed punk rock fury, and evolving into the tender, intricate acoustic songs of Spine, the common threads have been powerful harmony singing, haunting melodies, and insistent rhythm. Founders Tim Eriksen and Peter Irvine, along with long-time member Cath Oss, have travelled throughout North America and Europe, melding their passionate interpretations of early American hymns, ballads, and fiddle and banjo tunes with their own contemporary pop music sensibilities. Cordelia's Dad taps into deep veins of American experience and musical tradition, forging a sound that is just as surprising as it is familiar.

From 1995 to 1998, the band included fiddler Laura Risk. 1999 saw the beginning of a series of collaborations with other artists, including Dwight Diller and Jeff Davis. The core trio has also maintained a parallel "plugged-in" rock band.

In 2002, Cordelia's Dad emerged briefly from a hiatus, releasing what it is, its first full bore studio rock album with the current line up. A subsequent return to hibernation continued until 2007, when the band reemerged for a series of anniversary shows. Download vintage Cordelia's Dad tracks at Apple iTunes, or look for obscurities posted on our MySpace page.