New Album Out March 25, 2011

“Four stars” – Rolling Stone

“Four stars” – Pulse

“Four stars” – Q Magazine

“the best band in America” – Seattle Rocket

“bone-gleamingly pure” – Observer, London, England

“dazzling exuberance” – CMJ

“absurdly good” – Mojo, England

“energy and integrity” – Boston Globe

“exquisite and ominous” – Columbus Dispatch

“American music rarely comes more elemental, more haunted than this” – Q Magazine

“dangerously sparing and utterly compelling” – FolkRoots, England

“those harmonies are scandalous” – Dwight Diller

“tastefully heavy” – Chicago Tribune

"Incredible!" – TimeOUT, London, England

“courageously stark” – Mojo, England

“Cordelia's Dad may well be the first band suitable for both the alternative rock crowd and the congregation
of a snake-handling church” – CMJ

“A wild and wonderful melange of American traditional folk music ripped up into the multidecibel range on electric guitar, bass and drums, and delivered with a passion that should be heard more often” – Downtown Magazine

“revitalizes these songs of love and death with passion, taste, and talent”
NPR All Things Considered

“They refuse to see the difference between the mournful ballads of 19th-century Appalachia and the rawest punk rock, and their genre-shattering but ultimately natural-sounding marriage of the two” – Valley Advocate

“there is no one like them, not even close to them, in this country” – Seattle Rocket

“attracts the Appalachian and the Alternative crowd with audacious performances”
Seven Days, Burlington, VT

“Tim Eriksen is a charismatically disturbing focus” – Mojo

“If traditional American music has a future, it’s probably Cordelia’s Dad” – CMJ

“music of rare intensity that ought to appeal to anyone prepared to give it half a chance” – Express & Star, England

“transcends categorization by experimenting with a collage of eclectic instruments and vocal stylings” – Slug Magazine

“The sense of humor featured from the group’s earliest days is intact, as ‘Spencer Rifle’ will attest – do not listen to the latter while drinking, as choking may result”

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